the warpath


In the hopes to ignite the guild and have a crack early on in a tier when energy is highest, we will be introducing a new method of raids and progression for a short period during new patch launches, timed around the start of a season.
Anyone is welcome to join in with the only caveat being that you bring a lot of energy and willingness to progress as fast as possible – this means spending more time than normal on your character, on dungeons, on raids and maximising your character with limited gear. You will not be left behind if you don’t participate, so don’t feel pressured to join!

Consider this to be progression night every raid night until the schedule returns to normal. The goal is not to forego the fun or turn raiding into a job, but to condense progress into a shorter timeframe and allow future flexibility and hopefully earlier success.


There will be these mandatory addons: WeakAuras, ERT (Exorsus Raid Tools), BigWigs OR DBM, PersoLootRoller
There may be exceptions to not require BigWig/DBM provided you have other methods of noticing boss mechanics and can perform adequately without (bearing in mind the raid leader will be covering most, if not all, major calls).

All gear should be enchanted and gemmed if applicable, and you should have a workable legendary for whatever you are playing, preferably at or close to maximum upgrade. If you need assistance to achieve this, ask around. There is no strict ilvl requirement, however the assumption is that you would be moderately well geared from the previous season.

Consumables such as health potions, mana potions, throughput potions (eg. strength), oils/stones should be stocked and used every other pull. If not sure about what you need, or if you need help getting them, ask someone like Pary.
Feasts and flasks will be provided as much as possible.

Roaring, energetic enthusiasm to wipe and learn and learn and wipe is a non-negiotable requirement. No brooding over wipes, no stress over strats (leave that to the raid leader), and no fretting over upgrades. Just bring your class, your AAA-game and expect some fun bashing your head against walls. Understanding how to counter mechanics and not being afraid to speak up about things you notice is a huge boon and bonus to the raid as well.

If you have a class with multiple roles, being able to use them all is a huge asset. Don’t feel pressured into it, just consider it. If you have a pure DPS class, good on you. Bring big numbers (or try your hardest)


The Warpath period will begin after each patch launch with Mythic dungeon runs, and then continue as soon as the raid is opened. Warpath will continue for approximately 5 weeks and then the schedule will return to normal.
During Warpath, War Machine will be attempting the highest feasible difficulty with the goal of clearing and achieving Curve. At the moment, this would mean Normal/Heroic.

This period allows for resets/reclears for gear and extending for progress. With current availability, Wednesday* and Thursday* will be the main nights. Monday* will be an extra night if necessary and possible or otherwise a Mythic plus push/gear night.

Any unfinished progress will be continued on Monday, with Wednesday and Thursday returning to fresh runs as per usual.

*Subject to change, depending on availability of those interested. The goal is to have a more consistant team

Taking the world one boss at a timeā€¦