Who We Are

War Machine is a casual progression guild with a strong social focus. We are looking for two things in our core members:

  1. A mature and helpful attitude
  2. Ability to put your teammates first, and see the group wins as personal wins

We are a fair sized guild, but we don’t want a glut of unknowns or players we have no relationship with. Inviting process can be a slow one at times, as we’re looking for the right players to add. There will be no leveling quota, but players not actively leveling/logging on may be removed from the guild roster after a period of inactivity.

We would however like progression focused players to take a lead role and help other players move into the content as a group. This is chiefly why we look for groupers and those open to making new and long lasting relationships.

The guild is for mature players;  our rules are fairly strict on what is acceptable behavior as we want to maintain a good relationship and be a helpful member of the server community.

This is what we stand for:

  • We stand for the greater server and WoW forums and community, and keeping it civil, supportive, and fun.
  • We stand for fairness in all areas of the game be it player, guild, or community.
  • We stand against any breaking of the rules of the Blizzard TOU/TOS.
  • We stand for your right to play as you see fit and enjoy the game to it’s fullest.
  • We stand against drama.
  • We stand against abuse of power, rules, or funds by administrators of the game, community or the guild itself.
  • We stand for helping new players learn, and for helping experienced players meet their goals.
  • We stand for fair looting.
  • We stand against the concept of A- and B-raid teams.
  • We stand for progression of all players in the guild regardless of profession level or starting ability.
  • We stand for the right to play in a clean environment with your friends and family.

Officers only: We stand for the guildies’ game experience first.

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