Sindragosa down, Lich King next!

The last boss standing in the way of 10 man Lich King is down for War Machine, making us 11/12 for ICC10. It was a close one though, with the team managing to kill her during her enrage. It was a fantastic job from everyone involved. Unfortunately we weren’t able to catch the kill on video, but I did manage to record what happened next:


Tonight we’re trying our luck properly on Arthas. Fingers crossed.

Putricide and Dreamwalker Videos, Guild Update

We’re well on our way to having a shot at the Lich King himself now – these two videos are from last night’s 10 man run. On our second attempt at Putricide last night, we managed to get him down, but only JUST.


And then for the last boss of the night we headed over to Dreamwalker and one-shotted her, which was pretty good considering we had some people that hadn’t done the fight before.


So officially, War Machine is now 10/12 for Icecrown Citadel 10 man – only Sindragosa stands between us and Arthas.

We’ve had a lot of changes in the guild lately, some old members leaving and many new ones joining our ranks. Welcome to all the new people, it’s fantastic to have you with us. We strive to be a friendly, fun guild as well as open and approachable so if you have any questions, comments, complaints, etc, don’t hesitate to talk to either myself (Dakhan/Fhell/Alysse) or Rakshasi/Aurina/Cheesburglar/Chibiko either in-game, or e-mail us at or

Next Thursday sees the return of Teams Pie and Cake – new names to be determined – for our simultaneous two ICC 10 runs.  Remember to sign up on the calendar event in-game with the character you’d like to bring if you are keen. Additionally, Thraul has been putting together a team for an ICC 10 alt run for Wednesday nights – check out the forum thread if you’re interested. And don’t forget about the ICC 25 man runs on Saturday nights!

Besides the scheduled raids, we are generally on during the week for runs of other raids, heroics to gear up, or just fun old school runs. Hit us up in-game and we’re sure to be able to put something together.