War Machine vs Conclave of Wind

Congratulations to all involved in the guild first kill of Conclave of Wind last night! Here’s the video of the successful kill:

This just leaves Al’akir to go in Throne of the Four Winds, and after a quick few attempts at him after the kill last night he looks to be a little easier than Conclave was.

Raid Guide: Throne of the Four Winds – Conclave of Wind

The first official War Machine raid for Cataclysm has been scheduled, and it’s Throne of the Four Winds and will be happening on Saturday 22nd of January at 8:30pm server time. Some of us have already had a couple of attempts at the first encounter, the Conclave of Wind, but in case you haven’t or need a refresher, here’s the Tankspot guide to the encounter.


The Conclave of Wind is the first of only two encounters in Throne of the Four Winds, making the raid similar to the Obsidian and Ruby Sanctum raids of WotLK in length. The instance is made up of 5 platforms suspended in the air and connected by streams of wind – four smaller platforms positioned around a larger central platform. One platform is empty and is where the group will enter the instance. The other three outer platforms each contain one of the minibosses of the Conclave of Wind encounter, and the central platform houses the final boss of the instance, Al’Akir. Unlike the two sanctum raids however, we will be taking on the first 3 minibosses at the same time. Think of it like Four Horsemen from Naxxramas, but with one less horseman. The proximity mechanics of Four Horsemen apply to the Conclave of Wind as well (at least one person must be on each of the 3 boss platforms at all times), but the caveat here however is all 3 minibosses must die within one minute of each other.
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