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Core Raiding

Core Raiding – Expectations

(This is a summarised version of the book of knowledge raiding guide).

Two phased raid night approach

There will be two raid nights, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Both of these raid nights will be 2 ½ hours long and will be the same lockout. In essence, Wednesday will be the fresh run and Thursday will be a continuation. This will allow some of the core raiders to experience as far through the content as possible without the time restrictions of having to clear previous bosses. The expectation for the first raid will be that alts with decent gear and players behind them with some experience will be able to attend however the Thursday run will require mains unless otherwise required by your raid leader. If an alt is hindering the steady progression of the raid team however you may be asked to switch to your main. Both of these raid nights will be led by the Raid Leader team members on a rotational pattern. Who is expected to lead this event will be detailed on the raid calendar invite. As with any of our events if we don’t get enough people we may cancel a run.

Sign Up Guidelines

  1. If you sign up for a raid and cannot make it please let the raid leader assigned know before start time
  2. If you need to leave early or will be arriving late due to external circumstances please let your raid leader know before the raid starts
  3. Leaving mid-raid because you ‘feel like it’ is not appropriate even with the flexibility we now have as this could imbalance raid composition and as such impact everyone else’s fun
  4. Sign up and bring your mains unless otherwise agreed or on the Wednesday (further discussed in a later section)
  5. Sign up with the character you’re bringing as this will impact the raid composition determined by the Raid Leaders
  6. Be ready for an invite 15 minutes early and head out immediately upon invitation to the raid entrance. Please don’t be that guy hanging out in the garrison waiting for a summons.


Raid composition

At War Machine our priority is to ensure you have fun in whatever medium that is. As such your raid leaders are tasked with the responsibility of trying to ensure you get to play the class and spec you want for the general raid nights. In most cases we will have enough tanks, healers, range, and melee to get the job done. The number of healers required will be based on the size of the group and determined by the raid leader on the night. Notification of role changes for those people than can change (including alt options) will be given before the raid starts where possible. That being said, challenges with certain raid make-ups and bosses may come to light which might mean a switch mid raid. Most switching will be handled by members of the progression team and raid leaders which will be explained later.

Loot Rules

Loot rules are simple for the time being. We’ll keep the loot rules on ‘master looter’. The assumption is once we start gearing we’ll waste less loot by making it available to the whole raid to fill gaps in gearing.  If you a rolling on a different spec for the night please let the raid leader know before the raid starts and they will announce this to everyone so there is no confusion. Much of the loot in this expansion is switchable also so having a clear understanding of which loot is better for you would be advisable before heading in. This is something no website or addon seems to be getting right. As always, with Master Looter you’ll be getting one main spec and one off spec roll (plus a mark roll once BR comes out). If by agreement loot it switched to Peronal it will not count towards your allocation. If you win a BoE item it should be with the intention to gear your current toon or, possibly later in the expansion, an alt. If an item is not claimed by a character who is eligible for their initial main spec or off spec roll, the item can be rolled for by a toon who has already had a main spec item, or if not required at all for main spec it will then be offered to all for a second off spec roll. If still unclaimed a BOE item will be awarded based on a Raid Leader roll/decision, a BOP item will be disenchanted. In these instances the Raid Leader has the final decision.

Gear Requirements

During the initial stages of an expansion when gear is a little lower and, consequently the challenge of a raid is a little higher, there does need to be a threshold for gear to enter the raid. Given the easy access of Heroic dungeons it shouldn’t be too tricky to attain at least a 620 iLvl. If you are having trouble getting to this point there are always a number of us running heroics which you can jump in with. Just let a raid leader know you need some help gearing and they’ll arrange a few runs to hopefully get some loot. iLvl is a basic starting point to determine if you are ready for raiding and there are a number of ways to skew it which may be acceptable for queuing for heroics, etc but should not be artificial skewing should not be used for guild raids. Although less prominent than with previous expansions gemming and enchantments are important as well. One of our profession guild officers may be able to help you work out how to get these enhancements prior to raid time, please don’t leave it until the last minute if you can help it.


Watch the videos, read the websites, or both. Before you step foot into a raid make sure you have some understanding about how the bosses work that you’ll likely encounter. Your raid leaders will be confirming which bosses you’ll need to know ahead of time given how far they think a group will progress, however a safe number would be the first four in any new raid. If you get past those bosses there will be no expectations on knowledge, or the raid leader will assign a break to watch the videos. Make sure you bring your own buff food, pots, flask, etc… some might be provided but it would be rude to expect this is going to be the case. If you are having trouble getting this stuff on your own please see one of our supply officers who can help you out. Add-ons should be up to date especially DBM or Big Wigs. Here’s a helpful check list to run through before your raid forms.

  1. Do I have enough buff food, pots, and flasks to last me the night?
  2. Will I be ready and on the right character at least 15 minutes before start (including ready for an invite)?
  3. Am I repaired?
  4. Do I have three hours to spare?

Raiding Help

Raiding at this level is about having fun and many of us can’t do that unless we feel we are adding value. Not everyone wants to spend hours figuring out their perfect rotation or itemising for maximum performance, but there are some of us who love it.   Use these people. If you feel you are underperforming and not having any fun as a result please let you raid leader know on the quiet and they can arrange someone to run through a few tips and tricks with you, all on the sly. We’re happy to help anyone on anything and there are some pretty talented players in the guild that would be only too happy to share knowledge.

Our goal for Core Raid Nights

Fun… Fun is the name of the game for this night. Fun for everyone is a little different so the above guidelines are designed to make sure the raid as a whole has the best chance of getting some bosses down, looting up a storm, and having an enjoyable night with friends.

To facilitate this we need to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Listen to your raid leaders instructions at all times, if you are going to offer a counter idea then do it respectfully and/or in whispers
  2. No swearing
  3. No calling out of individuals for poor performance
  4. No blaming others or finger pointing
  5. Constructive feedback should be taken as just that
  6. Respect your fellow raiders
  7. Have fun

For more detail please read through the ‘Are you ready to raid’ document

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