Ra-den Ra-ding and Heroic Highlights

With normal well and truly handled, War Machine has turned its attention in earnest towards heroic, continuing the light progression started in parallel to the normal runs. Once stagnant at three and four bosses down due to time restrictions giving limited attempts to the later bosses, we now have stamped out three more bosses, doubling our progress in a matter of weeks.

As we juggle extending lockouts with just killing earlier bosses quicker and cleaner, the War Machine surges on – the first hurdle was Hive Mind, presenting some minor bugs to squash before dropping like flies. Second on the list was a surprise win from the underdogs in a scintillating soccer session against the amplified version of team Xanesh, featuring the Oblelisk All-stars.

Finally, the same-but-different Ra-den, after being pushed again and again to the very last of his life, succumbed to the resilience of a couple of raiders surviving just long enough to trickle down the last few million hit points. It wasn’t a clean fight, it wasn’t something you’d write up as a tactic, but there was loot and therefore celebration.

Well done War Machine and Co. for persevering through some close calls, and a special mention to those who made it until the very end to secure the kill; in particular a sole-surviving hunter who almost sat out due to injury.

They may not have survived the raid, but they made it to the photo