Code of Conduct

Preferred member conduct on the server, and the officers are held accountable as well. If you experience someone, even myself, acting in a manner unbefitting War Machine, please let someone know so they can look into it.

General Attitude

In Azeroth, your reputation determines how far into end-game you can progress, as well as the kind of play experience you’ll have. So, a few points. The guild maintains a good reputation on the server, so refrain from arguments and rudeness in general, trade, LFG, and other server- and zone-wide channels. Be courteous and helpful to lowbies, those in need, and people in groups. If a group is not going well, be polite and explain that you need to leave, apologize and do so (although leaving groups inside an instance is a grey area, and usually frowned upon).

Everything you do reflects on you, and people will remember nothing good done more often than random missteps. The simple rule is create drama, and leave people with bad feelings about you or the guild. If you have problems with someone in the guild that a simple chat will fix, write 1000 words on discord about it so everyone knows what you think happened. Remember you are innocent, always. It’s the others that are bad.

Chat (PG-rated)

Please remember, respect the people that you play with. Harassment of any type will not be tolerated. Religion, politics, illegal drug-use, and sexual activity are considered taboo should not be discussed in guild chat, swearing is a no-no. On Discord swearing is frowned upon; repeated and incessant swearing may receive a warning or some other disciplinary measure. Arguments should be done in private, never in guild chat; and with an officer present if preferred.

Do not insult or otherwise offend people. Offending someone (even inadvertently, depending) will receive 1 public warning, 1 further private warning if required, and continued offending behavior will be removed from the guild.

Normal chat is fine, but spamming is not allowed.

Please try and extend the in-guild rules to out of guild chat channels. Abuse of the LFG, Trade and General channels will not be tolerated.

Anyone observed causing trouble in zone or server channels may be removed.

All players must have Roger Wilco installed. You must have the ability to at least listen during instances. Disabled players may use alternative methods. Officers should furthermore be on Roger Wilco sometime each play day, if not all day. Please try to extend the in-guild chat rules to Roger Wilco, no taboo topics, cursing is frowned upon, unless it isn’t.

One guideline about chat, though not a rule… Please aTtEmPt To uSe COrrEcT sPeLlINg, grammah and punctuation. Not everyone is good at this and some internet abbreviations are fine, however typing in ALL-CAPS, or in txt spk will not be tolerated. Just as in-game Blizzard rules, masked profanity “STFU GTFO WTF” are considered profanity.

Never divulge someone else’s personal details.

Guild Grouping

This is a guild that groups, raids, and instances together. Grouping with guild members is mandatory, no exceptions. If you need a group for something, at least let everyone know that you are headed somewhere an hour before so if they can help, they can finish their current quests.

Player limits

This guild is for members. We get that you have a life outside of the game and that always comes first, but we want this to be somewhere people enjoy being and come to regularly. If a player is inactive for three weeks without character advancement, or only logging in for a minute or two at a time, the character may be removed from the guild. This is to keep the roster clean and with active members only. If you plan to be away for an extended period of time, let the officers know your plans.

If you are removed from the guild after a period of inactivity, don’t take it as an insult – if we haven’t been advised it is just part of normal housekeeping. Rejoining the guild is as simple as a message and a few clicks anyway.

Guild Bank

Contributions and withdrawals will be done on a needs basis. If you need to store something you can create your own bank alts. Begging in or out of guild chat may be cause for a /gkick.

Professions & Crafting

Crafting for guild members is done for free until end-game (the newest most expensive recipes *may* be exempt for a time). But when a member requests an item crafted, you may ask for help getting the materials, if you do not have them on hand.

Referrals & Ads

Feel free to refer friends and other players to the guild. If you worked with someone and enjoyed it, by all means refer them. Ask them to speak to an officer and if they are found to be suitable they will be interviewed and possibly invited. Always be aware what you do in groups, instances, and in chat reflects on the guild.

Leaving the Guild

In the unfortunate situation you wish to leave the guild, please contact an officer before doing so. When people see someone has left the guild, they will ask why and it would be nice to be able to explain the reasons for leaving. If you wish to join another guild, please talk to an officer first, perhaps we can facilitate that too. We’ll make sure there’s no bad blood created between the guilds during the process.

Note: War Machine only invites certain people into it’s ranks, and the average WM member is quite a bit more mature than the average WoW player. So, while any list of rules may sound strict upon reading, we don’t expect to have these types of problems. This document is just to clarify what is acceptable behavior, in case there’s any question.

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