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War Machine vs Chimaeron
Raiding with War Machine – fun and rewarding!

We commit to giving War Machine guild members the opportunity to raid current content with a group or fun and friendly individuals. To achieve this we have some specific policies in place designed for the greater good.

General Policies for General Raid Nights

  • We’ll take everyone where possible, the only thing restricting us is class and spec as we can’t possibly run with 7 Tanks
  • No player will be sat over performance so long as the basic requirements of raiding are met
  • Events are to be posted on Sunday evening before 10:00pm Server Time
  • Sign up on the character you intend to bring
  • Respect the raid leaders on the night
  • Do not talk over the raid leader and keep communication during a boss fight to a minimum to hear instructions
  • Communication during a raid is to be respectful and polite
  • No raid member should be picked on directly about performance however it’s their responsibility to work hard and learn from mistakes
  • Feedback about raiders go directly to the raid leader
  • Feedback about a raid leader should go directly to an officer or the GM.
  • War Machine will not kick a raider for being under-geared for a boss however the expectation is that the raider will be aware enough to ask to be replaced
  • The raid location chosen for the night is final
  • All raiders will come prepared
  • Raid leaders will communicate with respect to their raiders
  • Feedback will be taken on board in all cases but a raid leader’s decision is final


Inclusion is a very important part of what it means to be in War Machine and if you’re new to the guild I believe this is what makes the difference between us and some others out there. If you are keen and willing you will get your turn, it’s that simple. But what this also means is that sometimes we might not put together the best geared, focused, and experienced raid group available to us. The way I look at it is this: Do what you can to make sure you are ready and give it your all when you’re in. That is the essence of casual raiding.

Casual Raiding

Many people have commented on ‘casual’ raiding and what that means, so I thought it was time to set a few things straight about casual raiding versus hardcore progression and lay down some yard sticks for new and experienced raiders to look to target. First and foremost a casual raiding guild leads many to believe that we skip through content in green gears singing songs while misdirecting to the mages. Obviously this is a slight exaggeration but you get the point. The main difference between hardcore and casual raiding is we are far more tolerant of gear and skill level shortcomings, we don’t mind wiping on content while people learn their roles (so long as they are learning), and we sure as hell will never kick a player from a raid unless they either ask to be removed or are getting rude/abusive (which is yet to happen that I’ve seen). What this does mean though is we are subject to some pretty monumental blocks and stops for downing bosses. Other than priority on classes and some very baseline gear requirements we will pretty much let anyone come along. So to you I throw this challenge: be ready. The onus is on each and every player to make sure they are ready to raid. And not to leave ‘ready to raid’ hanging there I think the time has come to get specific about what that statement means from a War Machine perspective.

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