Raid Leaders

Raid leaders on the general raid nights are responsible for getting the team through content while ensuring they have fun at the same time. To this end there are a few requirements of our raid leaders which I am detailing here so you all know what to expect.

  1. Raid Leaders should be on and available 30 minutes before raid time
  2. Organise roles and classes requesting the necessary changes as required
  3. Invite 10-15 minutes before raid start time
  4. Responsible for explaining fights and making calls
  5. Managing and enacting the loot rules
  6. Feedback should be kept to the necessary and always as constructive – this will be done as general feedback to the whole raid or individually as a whisper

A raid leader will also need to monitor the frustration levels in a raid and make sure people are happy to continue. If this is not the run where we want to wipe over and over again on the same content then making sure we call a raid if it’s going nowhere is important.

Irrespective of who is attending, the Raid Leader is the final authority on the night including the development of alternate strategies, calls during the boss pull, loot rules, invites, and assignments. As our guild grows it may require breaking into two raid teams based on the number of classes and raid composition. This will be arranged on the night and is the responsibility of the raid leader originally assigned to organise. Obviously this may require two raid leaders so will be enacted only if there are two available. Balance will be the priority to ensure one raid team is not ‘stacked’.

Some of the above, such as giving out loot or specific boss fight calls, may be delegated to improve the flow of a raid however the raid leader still has final authority.

NOTE: If you want to be a raid leader, or would like to be removed from the list of current raid leaders, please post an in game mail or request some Discord time with Eiellith

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