How Can I Help the Guild?

As guild members of War Machine we all do our best to help out the guild. That’s what makes us who we are and and why it’s so great to be apart of War Machine. There are plenty of things we all can do to help the guild run more smoothly. Here are a few things we can all focus on.

  • Grouping Up – Whether it’s grouping up for heroics or group quests, be ready to raise your hand when someone asks for a group. Although we have the new random heroics, it’s nice to have guild members to run with that we can trust and rely on. And also, don’t be afraid to ask for a group. We are all here for each other.
  • Professions – We all have professions we have skilled up or are skilling up. Be sure to let people know, who are looking for crafters, what you are able to do. Along those same lines, if there’s a guild member you know who is skilling up a profession, check with them first before going straight to someone who has their profession all skilled up.
  • Guild Bank – We have a guild bank with plenty of tabs. Some things in the guild bank are reserved for Progression Team members and some things are for the whole guild. Whether you’re a Progression Team member or a regular member of War Machine and would like something from the guild bank, be sure you put something back in and a little extra. It makes things cheaper for us instead of looking for some things on the auction house.
  • Raiding – War Machine holds a couple of different raiding events throughout the week. Sometimes these raiding events will be for older content to gear alts or maybe new members who have joined the guild and haven’t had the opportunity to get the proper gear to join us in higher end raiding instances. Be sure to sign up for these raiding events that you’re available for. We also do older content for achievements so be sure to sign up and help out with those also.
  • Be Positive! – The atmosphere of the guild is directly related to how each and every one of us act in guild chat or vent. Be sure to congratulate people on achievements. Make sure when you log on to greet everyone with a hearty hello and to greet those who log on in the same respect. WoW is a game and games are supposed to be fun. So leave your worries, frustrations and bad feelings at the log in screen and come to War Machine to unwind and have a good time. We all understand that sometimes we do have our terrible days and we need those sympathetic shoulders to lean and cry on. If that’s the case, try to keep those conversations in whispers or at least a minimum in guild chat and vent.

Those are just a few points we can do to help the guild run smoothly. There are plenty of other things and as adults, we can figure them out without being asked. As members of War Machine, we all have a responsibility to be there for each other. That’s why War Machine is such a great guild!

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