BC Raiding on Saturday Night

Great night guys. We went in and downed ol’ Kael’thas Sunstrider. He was a push over! Grats to those that got the achievement for clearing Tempest Keep!

After Tempest Keep we decided to go in and take a shot at Sunwell Plateau. We one shot Kalecgos and Brutallus, but we had to do a few retakes on Felmyst thanks to Anjanti’s “Stand on star!”, and die… But, Dakhan took up the slack of Anjanti’s fail raid leading and we downed her on the next attempt. After that we had a few tries at the Twins until we got the whole mechanics to the fight down and moved on to M’uru. Although M’uru is an easy fight, it is kind of technical and we took a few shots trying to get “it” down. It was getting late and we had a few people that couldn’t continue so we called it at M’uru<, but we have a plan to go in tomorrow and see what we can do about finishing the instance.

Again, great job to all those that showed up for raid. We’ll be doing an Old School Raid run for AQ 40 at 12:00pm server so show up to see some old content for the first time or relive the glory days!

If you have a screenshot of Anjanti’s epic fail “Stack on star!” wipe, please contact him so we can get a shot up of that here. 🙂


Kil'jaeden is no more!
Kil'jaeden is no more!

We went back into Sunwell at 4:00pm on Sunday and downed M’uru and Kil’jaeden. A lot of us got the Sunwell Plateau achievement so congratulations! Fantastic work guys.

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