The Cupcake Challenge

Boom readies himself for the challenge ahead..

A challenge has been thrown down to the man who says he can eat any amount of anything at any time.   Your main spec healer… BOOMTREE!.  What is the challenge, you ask? Boom’s Magnum Opus will be to eat twelve cupcakes from the Delish Cupcakes store. These awesome tasting perfectly made pockets of pure sugary heaven are great… in moderation… but BOOM intends to slam all twelve back within sixty minutes.  This task may seem easy to the casual observer but I assure you it is anything but.   The flavors chosen for this event are Pineapple Lump and Chocolate Gnash.  These are two of the heaviest and most flavor filled cupcakes they serve.  Visit the forums to read a full breakdown of the event and its rules and regulations.  Come… why not wage a copper or two?

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