Warlords of Draenor

Current content update by Bannox

I am a strong believer in expectations being the prime variable in fun times vs not so fun times. To ensure we all have the most fun times with current content it’s important to have the right expectations. As with all previous expansions we are revisiting expectations for current content. To set the scene for War Machine in Warlords I’ve broken down details and expectations into the following areas:

  • Core Raiding
  • Progression Raiding
  • The Challenge Mode Team
  • Difficult Content Support
  • Do you want to be a raid leader?


Core Raiding:

War Machines standard raiding nights with a focus on fun ahead of progression. It’s a casual evening with a few guidelines to ensure no expectations are broken. This is the best place to learn the raiding environment, get familiar with a class or spec, and hang out with your guildy pals.

Details here

Progression Raiding:

Higher expectations of individuals in the realm of fight knowledge, raid awareness, character/spec expertise, and execution skill. This event is where we prioritise the downing of bosses. Very much fun times but with an element of masochism, certainly not for everyone.

Details here

The Challenge Mode Team:

A group of a few individuals committed to getting golds and server best times in Challenge Mode dungeons. This content requires a high level of execution, awareness, timing, class mechanic knowledge, and patience. Also you’ll likely need alts for this event as Challenge Mode characters are specifically geared and specced for the content. Details here – This is linked to the previous Challenge Mode information for Mists which is still applicable. If you would like the rewards (maybe not gold) that come with this event but don’t want to put in the hard yards we’ll likely have guild silver runs at some point. To sign up for CMs please visit here

Difficult Content Support:

These are events such as co-ordinating world boss guild kills, running Leeroy and Croman follower runs, getting people through Challenge Mode silvers (for the mount), etc… This is largely dealt with on a case by case basis and by request. If you are wanting to get some of this done please contact one of your raid leaders.

A further expansion on requirements and a helpful guide for getting prepared to raid is in the ‘Are you ready to raid’ document, which has been updated for Warlords.


What is happening next?

As of 1st January 2015 raid events have been set for Thursday with additional ADHOC runs when people are available. This is not the standard for War Machine as we believe that ADHOC runs in the long term do more harm than good. There will be enough raid events to ensure everyone gets their fill of current content. Beginning the week of the 12th January 2015 a new raiding cycle will commence.

Please see the Weekly Schedule for Details

As with anything in War Machine the fun we have is more important than the plan laid out. This current roster may be subject to change depending on raid numbers and people’s preference/availability. Blank nights are free to a good home if someone wants to setup alternative events.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, thoughts, additions, or anything else I haven’t thought of please let me know via whisper, PM in the forums, in game mail, Gmail (bannox@gmail.com), or on Mumble.

Raid Leaders or Wannabes please visit Here

–          Bannox

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