A New Guild Master… x 2

As many of you already know we are going through a change in management.  Dakhan, our current GM, is taking a break from leading the guide in order to focus on RL.  Although Dak has done his best to be available in Legion he simply has not found the time or desire with real world events in the way.  Importantly Dak does not want the guild to suffer as a result of his attendance.  I myself was the previous co-GM with Dak until the end of MoP where I did much the same thing, and now as then I will not be picking up the GM responsibilities until RL is more accommodating.  Although you might think running a small guild of fairly self sufficient people is no great feat, I can assure you there is much more to it than simply running around with the GM rank. It requires a lot of attention and can be quite draining if you are not in the right headspace for it. Dak will likely be back one day but for now  I say ‘enjoy the rest bud… we’ll see ya in a bit’.

The officer team has been in discussions about replacements and have come up with a solution.  From this Saturday (barring any major changes) Eiellith and Pandora (a.k.a Zesh) will be sharing the responsibility of leading our guild.  Once they take over there will no doubt be a re-organisation of our structure in terms of responsibilities, such as recruitment, website updates, bank/material management, etc…  If you have a burning desire to be a part of the guild management contact Eie or Zesh.

Dak, I, and the rest of the officer core a fully supportive of this change, however we are a guild of many voices… if you have any thoughts, concerns, comments, please contact either myself of Dak, preferably before Saturday.

With the above comes another slight change.  Since the beginning of the expansion we have been asking for alternative raid leaders to support me in leading our two main raid nights.  We are  now moving ahead with that. Eie and Zesh will be arranging for a replacement raid leader for the regular Wednesday and Thursday runs while I will be retaining leadership of the Monday progression event and any brand new content as it arrives while early WM ‘strats’ are decided.  Part of the reason for retaining these runs is that generally people don’t like leading new content (I do though… super fun). Again, if anyone has any issues or is keen on giving raid leading a go, you can let Eie and Zesh know.  If you are keen on running a raid and not sure what this entails, rest assured I’ll provide support during the transition (in other words you’re not going to be thrown in to the deep end).  I will still be available to lead Wednesday and Thursday if needed on an adhoc basis, however I have been leading raids for WM since the end of Wrath, barring my break at the end of MoP, so it’s probably time for a little rest.

I know you’ll join me in welcoming Eie and Zesh to the GMships… but try not to give them a hard time day one!!!

– Bannox

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