How Do I Get on the Progression Team?

War Machine has never been a hardcore progression guild – that’s just not who we are. We enjoy taking things at our own pace, have little time for server firsts, and it has worked well for us so far. This is an attitude we’re likely to carry on with for the forseeable future, as it’s what brought us together in the first place. This doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t progress at all, and this is what this post and plan is all about.

Now that we as a guild are starting to get some excellently geared, specced, and talented people and with Patch 3.3 and the Icecrown instances and raids rapidly approaching, we would like to be moving in a direction to get into those raids and experience the content, as well as move further into Ulduar and to the ToC raids.

With that in mind, we are ready to start building a progression team. This team will run once a week with an aim to clear new content for the guild, experiencing the new fights and gearing up with shiny new stuff, but with the core focus of having fun doing so.

In order to facilitate this in the most efficient manner, the progression team will be required to adhere to some stricter conditions than that of regular guild members. These conditions are still being finalised and fine-tuned, but consist of the following:

  • Prompt, mandatory attendance at the raids – obviously, we will take real life issues into consideration, but we don’t want to have to be waiting around before getting things rolling. Enforcing this helps to encourage people to be available on time and when they say they will be.
  • Gear, gem, enchant requirements – We will be ensuring that those who want to be part of the progression team be appropriately geared for the instance, including correct gemming and enchanting on all gear. Many guild members can assist you with getting this sorted.
  • Prepared and ready – we expect all progression raiders to have reagents, ammunition, flasks, consumables and whatnot ready at the time of raid start. There are plenty of guild members that are available to help with this also.
  • Fight knowledge – progression raiders will be required to know the fights they will be taking part in. There is a vast amount of knowledge available online and here in our forums about boss fights and what various roles require, and we expect you to be familiar with how a fight functions before we get to it. We’ll also be improving what we have available in the forums with regard to this.
  • Team play – remember, we are a guild of friends, and we’d like to keep it that way. Be polite, courteous, helpful and patient. This should be a no-brainer really, but being a progression raider will be even more representative of what we strive for in War Machine.

Initially, we will be forming one 10 man group with the aim of moving further through Ulduar, hitting bosses we have yet to get to. As things progress we will be looking at expanding the team to include a second 10 man group and leading towards 25 mans. This doesn’t mean we’ll be restricting the current team list to 10 people – we’ll need more than that to cover when people are unavailable.

Those of you who are unable to run progression with us for whatever reason, or simply would rather not, we’re not gonna forget about you! Out of our four weekly raid nights, we will only be dedicating one to the progression team, so you still will have plenty of opportunity to run raids with the guild. The only way we’re going to grow the progression team is to get you guys and girls to a level where you’re able to join us, and that will only happen with gearing you up and gaining you experience.

So, that’s our plan for progression. The next step for us is determining the level of interest in this endeavor. If you’d like to be part of the progression team, either send me (Dakhan) or one of the officers a whisper in-game, here on the forums, or reply to this thread. We do have some rules for application however:

  • Mains Only – We’re aiming to make this group as good as can be, so at this stage are limiting it to main characters only, not alts.
  • Apply with your main spec – Again, we want to run this as best we can, so we would like you to indicate your primary spec when you apply.
  • Application does not guarantee acceptance – While we’d like to take all of you in, the fact is some characters aren’t quite there yet. We are always happy to help you get to that stage, whether that is gear, experience, or whatever, and we have our 3 regular raid nights to help you get there.

We’re all very excited about this and we hope you are as well! If you feel you would like to be apart of the progression team, SIGN UP HERE.

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