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Hi peoples,

The time has come to get serious about notching up some guild challenge mode GOLDs!  It’s certainly doable however it will require a fair amount of work from people interested.  It’s not going to be for everyone and it can be extremely frustrating and repetitive.  That being said we’ve already notched up a couple of silvers and a bunch of bronzes with varying groups of people.  Gold will be different of course.  It will require planning, execution, and resilience to wipes.  To be honest it’s more complicated than most new raid bosses and much less forgiving with little to no reward for your efforts barring your name on a chart somewhere.

Look, it's us!

Sold yet?

I contemplated not putting this up as a guild activity as challenge modes can be a little intense.  What I do want to stipulate is that unlike regular raiding we cannot help everyone through the content on GOLD attempts.  If we are going to do this we need to do it with the blessing of the whole guild as we have a very firm tenet regarding inclusion.  We CAN however do this for bronze/silver modes so if you want to see what a challenge mode is like but never had a group let me know and we’ll tee up a run or two for you.  If anyone sees any issue with this please let me know.  The one thing I don’t want to do is have people feel like they’re being left out.  To me it wouldn’t be worth that at all.  That being said, everyone in the guild gets to grab a Thundering Serpent Hatchling if we manage to achieve it.  Plus the prestige of having our guild name on the front page of Dath’s leader board.

So, on to some of the details…

If you want to put your hand up for this type of activity please do so here.  Also, please list down 463+ geared alts you are competent at playing and feel you could bring.  The reason I mention this is that to achieve the bling we might need to switch around specs and classes from time to time.  You’ll likely need to ability to gem and forge specifically for Challenge Mode so in some cases using an alt (or at least having advanced warning of an event) would be preferred.  This is not always going to be the case but an example would be Spirit for healers… fairly useless in most fast runs since the longest pulls don’t normally last longer than 2-3 minutes and you’ll be drinking often between major stages.

E.g. I’ll be putting the following

Bannox (Prot/Ret), Phinius (Blood/Frost… well this is what I’ll put when he’s 90 this weekend), Farmerted (Disc… he will be if we need him for challenge modes)

In the interest of potential HR related issues we need the name of your psychiatrist, physio, and your next of kin.

Who wants to get these GOLDs done FOR THE HORDE GUILD!?

Things you might want to ask yourself before putting your name down:

  1. Am I a min/max person?
  2. Do I research every fight when I raid?
  3. Can I stand OUTSIDE of the fire?
  4. Can I think calmly under pressure?
  5. Can I handle a couple of hours of wiping?
  6. Is my reaction time good?
  7. Do I have time for this as an extra event?
  8. Can I do the same thing over and over and stay as sharp on the last as the first?
  9. Do I have masochistic tendencies and a general desire to struggle for every inch?

Again, if you have any concerns about this being advertised as a guild event yet limited please let me know.  We’ll pull this event immediately if that’s the case.  War Machine is more important than any silly achievement. No Dak… it really is.  Seriously!

Cheers all

– Bannox

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